⚡Catalyst Blockchain Platform is live! ⚡
We have just launched Catalyst Blockchain Platform, an enterprise-grade, cloud agnostic, platform-as-a-sevice designed to simplify the creation and management of blockchain networks. The Platform allows you to create 10 organization network within 10 minutes!
Build future-proof products for financial services functions with our team of DAML smart contract experts:

  • IntellectEU partners with Digital Asset, the creators of DAML, to infuse products with a privacy-first framework and smart contract language that enables businesses to create multi-party applications

  • IntellectEU supports DAML multi-party workflows running on your Corda network or any PostgreSQL database

  • Design your own application with an IntellectEU DLT expert or utilize pre-built IntellectEU solutions from the DAML Marketplace
We simplify complex processes and workflows through DAML driven applications
Learn why DAML is our language of choice
Rights, obligations, and fine-grained authorization are built into the language, accelerating development of your organization's single source of truth
Automate businesses processes
DAML provides a layer that sits across multiple applications, extracting and connecting data that can be used in repeatable workflows
Increase operational efficiency
DAML partners with a range of distributed ledgers and databases so you build the application without the infrastructure lock in
Code-free migration to any system of choice
DAML only requires developers to code for business logic, not the underlying infrastructure, so you can get from proof of concept to production faster
Bring products to market faster
Data is only visible to those who have a right to see the data while blinding transactions from the network operator (feature supported with DAML for Corda integration)
Utilise a privacy-by-design framework
DAML only allows choices that result in well-authorised valid states.
Offer-accept pattern with DAML contracts
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We are redefining how capital markets function with DAML
Here are some of the areas we can partner with your team on to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and lower operational costs:

  • Issuance - streamline origination, settlement, interest rate payments, and other processes

  • Clearing and settlement - reduce the need for reconciliation, optimize timelines, and improve data quality

  • Derivatives lifecycle management - synchronize post trade workflows and streamline margin management
Learn more about innovative solutions by IntellectEU & Digital Asset
Corporate Actions
Corporate KYC
Proxy Voting
Use an application that streamlines corporate action execution. Multiple parties can collaborate using smart contracts, reducing or eliminating reconciliation.

  • Maintain the existing structure for rights and obligations of your market

  • Provide the benefits of data sharing while preserving privacy and providing immutability among participants

Decrease the burden of the KYC process by using DAML to create the workflows needed to share corporate data privately and securely among different institutions after the Corporates have provided their consent.

  • Focus on highly regulated markets with a solution that complies with existing processes and rules

  • Consent-based solution to meet regulatory norms

  • Adhere to data-domicile requirements

Provide a traceable, secure, and immutable digital copy of the voting views expressed by the shareholders and to guarantee that the voters can exercise their rights safely and transparently.

  • Facilitate wider transparency across stakeholders involved

  • Create traceability on the exercising of the vote

  • Reduce process friction

  • Adhere to SRD II regulation

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